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About Us

The Company was founded in Pleasanton, California in 1993 by Mr. John Conger as Mr. Independent - Northern California. The Company’s mission has always been to provide traditional commissioned sales services on behalf of CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) manufacturers to the small independent grocery retailer. At the time, the original client roster included over 550 retail stores and 90 manufacturers.

Today the Company operates across parts of Western and Central U.S. in highly developed independent markets. It provides sales coverage to over 2000 Independent grocery stores in those markets and conducts business with some of the largest wholesalers in the country. Each day the Company's commissioned sales staff generates paperless orders from assigned independent retail stores. All face-to-face retail orders are uploaded daily to the company’s servers for viewing by stores, manufacturer clients, and wholesalers. The Company has relationships with nearly 200 manufacturers and their sales agents.

The Company also provides traditional in-store merchandising services in the markets that it does business. This service is available on a stand-alone basis or can be directly linked to a related sales drive. Our merchandisers are separate from our sales team. This allows the Company to keep each team (sales or merchandising) focused on the client's key priority.

The Company is fully automated and web enabled in all its operations. Clients are provided online access to their sales and merchandising information through the Company’s website. In addition to improved customer service, our online automation provides retailers the opportunity to order directly through the Company’s website and view their order history. Wholesalers are able to receive consolidated orders sooner, faster, and more accurately which results in fewer out-of-stocks and improved service levels.

Since inception, the Company’s focus has remained the same…to deliver value-added sales and information services to independent retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers.

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